Wheelchair Curling first appeared in Canada in 2002. At the most recent Canadian championship, wheelchair curling teams hailed from Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta and British Columbia.

People In Motion’s contact person for Wheelchair Curling is Gerry Austgarden. In 2006, the Canadian team, of which Gerry was a member, brought home the gold medal from the IX Paralympic Winter Games, held in Torino, Italy. www. wheelchaircurling.com/torino

In this relatively new sport, the thrower positions his wheelchair on the ice behind the hog line. He then uses a delivery stick to slide his rock towards the house. There is no sweeping in the wheelchair game.

If a Curling Club is accessible for wheelchair users a person or a team of wheelchair users can very easily play in any of the leagues the curling club offers.

Gerry-AustgardenWheelchair Curling Contacts:

Gerry Austgarden
Ph: 768.0751
Email: gerry.austgarden@raymondjames.ca

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