People In Motion hosts an annual Kids In Motion winter Family Fun Day at beautiful Big White Ski Resort and at Agur Lake in the Summer.

Kelowna’s Kids In Motion program began in the spring of 2000 as one of two outreach pilot projects in community recreation by the occupational therapists at Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children in Vancouver.

Kids funThese therapists wanted to find out what kinds of home community recreational activities were available to children with disabilities once they were discharged from inpatient rehabilitation therapy at Sunny Hill.

Here’s how the process works:

  • Kids In Motion recognizes an unmet recreational need for a particular child with disabilities;
  • Kids In Motion finds a similar existing activity or program and works to integrate the child into it; If nothing appropriate exists, then Kids In Motion looks for a community leader to start a new program.

In 2003, Kelowna hosted the BC Disability Games, including the new international sport of Powerchair Football (known as Soccer in North America). Then & there, People In Motion’s Okanagan Thunderchairs soccer team was born.

Volunteers from other People In Motion programs provide demonstrations:

  • The players and coaches on the Okanagan Thunderchairs soccer team demonstrate the sport of Powerchair Football (Soccer);
  • The PowderHounds Adaptive Ski & Snowboard Club members demonstrate some of their specialized equipment of sit‐skis, bi‐skis, mono‐skis, adaptive snowboards, tethers, etc., and hold a Disability Awareness workshop each fall.

Kids In Motion is currently attempting to meet the caregiver needs of this community by offering Disability Awareness Training at sites where caregivers work.

To learn more about Kids In Motion, contact:
People In Motion Office
#23-1720 Ethel Street
Kelowna, BC
V1Y 2Y7
Ph: 250-861-3302

PIM membership fee is only $10/year.